Aggressively Protecting Your Rights

While municipal courts handle speeding tickets and minor criminal offenses, the consequences of a conviction can still be serious, if not life-changing. At Papadopoulos-Vlantes & Moehring, LLC, we fight to minimize the impact New Jersey and New York residents face when charged with a crime.

We are in New Jersey municipal courts on an almost daily basis. We give the court exactly what they need, which for the most part is preparation of the case and all documents needed to resolve the case without serious consequences.

Insight Into The High-Stakes Nature Of Lower-Level Criminal Courts

Many municipal legal matters involve downgraded and lower-level criminal cases. Guilty pleas or verdicts affect the most promising of futures. Pursuing a career becomes challenging when routine background checks reveal a criminal record. For those already employed, a criminal conviction can affect the security of a job held for a long time.

Aglaia Papadopoulos-Vlantes possesses unique insight as a part-time public defender in Jersey City Municipal Court. Our co-founder not only knows firsthand about the statutes, but also the judges and court staff. She understands the high-stakes nature of municipal court cases. While plea bargains are common, she will not hesitate to pursue dismissal at trial.

Attorneys Who Take Traffic Tickets Seriously

Traffic violations may seem like minor crimes that carry minor penalties. Some ignore the ticket while others pay the fine, assuming that they have no other option. However, traffic crimes put "points" on a driver's license. Insurance companies take notice and increase that driver's insurance rates. Immigration status could be affected with a guilty plea or a simple arrest.

The more tickets a driver accumulates, the closer they get to license suspension. Suddenly, driving to work or running errands is no longer an option. Commercial drivers, in particular, can lose their ability to make a living.

Take Proactive Steps Now

If you have been charged with a crime, do not speak to police officers or prosecutors before contacting our law firm. Call a lawyer at Papadopoulos-Vlantes & Moehring, LLC, at 201-876-9700 or 718-728-6100 or email our law firm. Our office in the BRONX is right across the street from Bronx Family Court. Four (4) steps away.

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